Hair Care from the Kitchen: Crisco Hairdressing

This is an oldie but a goodie that was a part of my beauty beat for Yahoo. Since Y!Voices no longer exists, this handy -- maybe weird to some --  hair care article has a new home on Fashion Sense. This piece is primarily for those with thick, coarse, dry, hair that loses moisture quickly, and has a hard time retaining it. If that is you then read on lovely!

Shortening or lard was a popular hair dress used for pressing hair in my mother's, grandmother's and great-grandmother's generation when they were little girls. I guess with my generation and the one after its use fell out of vogue. Lately, there has been a lot of talk about using Crisco on hair. Women are noticing that the ingredients in Crisco are good for thermal styling and making hair softer. I decided to test Crisco out by making a hairdress for use on my natural afro hair.

Crisco as a Sealant for Wash-and-Go Hairstyles
What made me consider using Crisco as a hairdressing was the way it felt on my dry hair when I used it as a pre-poo. When I applied the pre-poo mixture to my hair, I noticed that my hair felt -- do not laugh -- light and fluffy. Which in a weird way, makes a bit of sense considering Crisco makes some darn good fluffy, flaky textured baked goods and fried chicken. So, I figured I may as well give it a go as a hairdress.

As a sealant I used a very little bit of the hairdress that I made. I scooped a little out using my index finger, placed the dollop on my palm, rubbed my palms together to thin it and smoothed over my hair. My hair was shiny, soft and moisturized. I did not need to refresh my curls during the day.

Crisco Hairdressing for Pressing Hair
I decided to use my Crisco hairdress for pressing my hair. I was nervous about this because I was expecting to smell like fried food. Fortunately, there is no smell. My hair did not sizzle and pop either. I just ended up with straightened hair that was shiny with movement. The only thing that an anti-frizz serum has on my Crisco hairdress is that an anti-frizz serum can withstand humidity better.

Crisco Moisture Sealing Hairdressing Recipe
  • 4Tbsp Crisco Shortening
  • 2 Tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 8oz jar
  • Wooden spatula
  1. Add ingredients to jar.
  2. Blend until you have a smooth, even, creamy texture.
Using Crisco in a hairdress for my wash-and-go and pressed hairstyles has worked out well for me. My hair remains moisturized days after. Plus it saves on the cost of buying expensive hair products. For all of you hair mixologists out there, give Crisco a try. You may be pleasantly surprised with your results.

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