Changing My Skincare as I Get Older

It seemed like in my 20s the biggest skincare worries I had were to find products that healed acne flare-ups and control shine. Now that I am in my late 30s, my skincare needs have become a little more complex. Not only do I still have to contend with the occasional acne flare-up, I now have combination skin, dark undereye circles, and uneven skintone to deal with. After years of struggle, I found a routine that works for my skin.

Use a Gentle Cleanser in the Morning
In the morning, your face should not be dirty, if you washed it before bedtime the night before. However, if you use any nighttime skincare products, you will need to wash any residual product from your face. In the morning I use Noxzema Original Deep Cleansing Cream.

I use this as a cleanser/mask in the mornings. I apply a little with my fingertips gently "scrubbing" my face with my fingertips in a circular motion. Then I apply a thicker layer of Noxzema over my face and neck to be left on for five to 10 minutes. I rinse the cream off my face and pat my skin dry with paper towels.

Tone, Moisturize, and Protect
My skin went from being very oily in my teens and twenties to combination skin. However, I tend to have a dry T-zone, oily cheeks, but sometimes my skin does revert back to its oily teen years in the summer. As a result, I use a homemade toner morning and night to control oil. When I have an acne flare-up I will add acne-clearing pads to my skincare routine, such as Avon's Clearskin Blemish Clearing Acne Pads, to act as my toner.

To moisturize my dry eyes, I lightly apply extra virgin olive oil to my lids and undereye area. To moisturize my face I will use an oil-free day cream with an SPF of 25 or higher if I plan on wearing makeup. If I go without makeup for the day I will simply use a standard broad spectrum sunscreen in SPF 30. Both products moisturize and protect. However when wearing makeup, a day cream provides a better base for my foundation.

Deep Clean, Replenish and Treat at Night
At night is when I use more potent stuff on my face. This is for two main reasons:
  1. I am removing the dirt, debris, excess oil and makeup from my face.
  2. I treat a majority of skin concerns at this time. While we sleep, skin goes into rejuvenation mode like the rest of the body.
I use a gel cleanser to remove makeup and dirt. I switch over to an acne cleanser when I have acne flare-ups. Once a week I exfoliate my skin and follow with clay mask to remove dead skin cells and firm my face. I use an anti-aging serum like L'Oreal Paris Youth Code Texture Perfector Serum that helps to make my skin smoother and more even in tone. This is my skincare routine now that I am in my late 30s. At age 37, my skin feels smoother, clearer, and is wrinkle-free.

I know some hate change but change happens whether we like it or not. As our skin changes, so must our skincare routine. So if your old products aren't doing much for your skin, then it may be time to try something new. I used myself as an example for this post and listed some of the products that work well for me. It did take trial and error. So start out small by switching your cleanser and moving forward from there. Listen to your skin when a product does not feel right to it and toss it. When you find products your skin loves and responds well too, then keep them.

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