How To Make Your Wine Lip Color Last All Day

I typically get asked how to make dark lip color, especially red or reddish shades last longer. I used to refer people to an article I wrote for Y!Voices. Since the site shut down and the rights to the article were returned to me, I decided to repost this article here on the blog. Now the red lip is a classic beauty look that is current for every season and timeless. Berry and wine stained kissers are the new red for those who want a little flirt or edge. Learn how to make your berry, red, and wine lip colors last longer.

Some People Can't Wear Long-Wearing Lipsticks

There are lipsticks formulated to last for 16 hours and sometimes longer on the market. However, some people cannot wear these lipsticks because they tend to make their lips dry. In addition, long-wearing formulas are limited in shades offering maybe one true red and a couple of berry shades.

How to Make Your Standard Berry, Red, and Wine Lipsticks Stay Put

Moisturize your lips with a lip balm. Line your lips with a lip liner that matches or comes close to matching your lip color. Fill in your lips with the lip liner.

Apply your lip color to your lips. Take a tissue (for blotting) and place it between your lips, close your mouth over the tissue (do not press your down over the tissue), open them and remove the tissue. Take another tissue, fold it in half, place between your lips and press your lips down on the tissue for 10 seconds. Remove the tissue from your lips. Repeat these steps for applying your lip color to add a second layer of color.

Tips for Shiny and Moist/Creamy Luscious Lips

For moist/creamy lips, use a lip conditioner like Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in untinted, instead of a lip balm before using your lip liner. Speaking of lip liners, a non-pencil liner like Avon's Glimmersticks lip liners provide creamy color that won't feel dry on your lips.

For shiny lips, apply a clear lip-gloss or one that matches your red or berry shade over your lip color. I recommend either using a gloss with a potted lip-gloss or a squeezable gloss like e.l.f. Essential Super Glossy Lip Shine. If you use a potted or squeezable lip-gloss, you can apply the gloss with either your ring finger (this finger applies less pressure) or a lip brush. Be careful with potted glosses as they can be a little heavy or thick so a lip brush may give you more control.

Complement Your Longer-Wearing Berry, Red, and Wine Stained Lips

Dark berries, reds, and deep wines look great with lightly flushed cheeks and nude or light neutral shades for eyeshadow. Lighter shades of berry can work well with a slightly smoky eye in grey, plum or brown shades. Cheeks should still look lightly flushed. I prefer a bare cheek with such strong shades of lip color because even a light blush may compete with your lips. With these shades, your lips should be the focal point.

These are tricks that I have used for years to make my lip color last. Layering is the real trick of this. You have a base color layer with your lip liner then two applications of lip color. For those looking for shine, you have an extra layer of color with the lip-gloss. Each person is different, so play around with this technique and find what works best for you. Don't worry; the process does not take as long as it sounds. After doing this for a while you will be done in about two minutes.

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