How This Tall and Curvy Girl Makes Fashion Work for Her

We all have our own issues with finding the right fit when it comes to clothes. But when you are tall, things become slightly difficult. Add being a supersize curvy woman to the mix and certain styles are virtually out of your reach. As a fashion designer, I know how to alter a design or change the purpose of a garment to make it work for me. Now it is time for me share some of my secrets with other tall and curvy women out there.

Capris Are Rarely Made for 6ft and Over
Standing at a little over 6ft tall barefoot with long legs, I can only purchase pants from the tall section. However, a certain pant style that rarely comes in talls are capri style pants. I used to hate seeing cute capri jeans, cargos, and leggings that fell at my knees when I tried them on. When capri leggings fall around your knee they are now biker shorts and that is not my style. So what did this tall and curvy lady do? I improvised.

I began shopping in the average and petite sections. Not for capris but for styles of pants that I felt would look good as capri pants. In other words, I wear fake capris. You can too and no one will notice the difference. If you like the look of the slit at the hem, then take a pair of fabric shears, cut a slit, fold back the edges one quarter inch, machine stitch down, fold again another quarter inch and stitch using a blind hem stitch.

Who Wears Short, Shorts? Not I!
While I am comfortable with my size, I am not fond of showing my thighs in public. Because of this, shorts were typically out of the question for me. Then as the summer days got hotter, I got tired of even wearing my fake capris. That bend in my knee needs to breathe! I have yet to find a plus-size store that sells shorts for talls. I also can't wear shorts as they are sold because they no longer are shorts on me. Well boy short underwear maybe. So I again must fake the fashion and improvise.

This is the one time when average and petite capris are a tall, curvy girl's friend. A pair of wide-legged or full-legged capris in average or petite fall around the knee, either an inch under it or two inches above it depending on the length of the capris. In other words, those capris you thought you could never wear can now be worn as shorts. If you want to shorten the length of your fake shorts, simply have the shorts hemmed up a couple of inches at your local tailor or do it yourself.

Short Dresses Become Cute or Sexy Tunics
While many loved the shorter hemline craze of past seasons, I secretly hated it. The knee length and shorter hemlines hit me a few inches below the crotch or at mid hip. Even if I were the type to show that much leg, I am not the type to show my bootylicious. When you have a big, round mound for a butt, hemlines tend to rise in the back to accommodate your bounty.

This sweater is actually a tunic
While I could not wear these dresses for their intended purpose, I did wear them as cute or sexy tunics. My favorite short dress is the knee length shirt dress. I would rock these dresses over a pair of jeans wearing a tank underneath with all the confidence in the world. No one knew my cute tunic was a dress. Tank dresses work well for this too, especially when worn with a pair of leggings underneath. This is the one time you don't have worry about leggings revealing a frontal wedgie since the dress will cover your crotch area. If you still are not sold that this can be a fashionable look, then maybe the new fall trend of wearing dresses and skirts over pants will convince you otherwise.

These are just a few tips on how to create a fashion fake-out wardrobe. So if you ever thought you could not wear these styles because your are too tall and curvy, think again. Take a risk and change the purpose of garments to suit you. You never know, your fashion fake-out may become a fashion trend one season. Mine sure did!

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