Glad to Be Home

Well lovelies I know you have been wondering why I have been M.I.A since the beginning of May. This beauty blogger came down severely ill. I am anemic and my red blood cell count became very low resulting in a host of problems for me. One of which -- this is still a mystery -- I temporarily lost the ability to walk.

For the anemia, I required two blood transfusions on my birthday. Yes, I spent my 37th birthday in the hospital fighting for my life. I thank God that I made it through! I am alive and on the mend!

I am home now and ready to get back to business! So expect the beauty and fashion tips, tutorials, and the randomness that I normally post. I hope you lovelies have had a wonderful summer so far. If you have faced some trying times, just remember to keep the faith and never give up on yourself.



**The adorable pooch napping in the car is my cousin's dog, Bishop**

P.S.  Here is a collage of the substances that were passed off as food while I was under medical care:

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