Color Your Hair To Flatter Your Face Shape

Hair stylists know that the perfect haircut must take into consideration the shape of the client's face. This is one of the reasons why customers who want a hair cut and style like their favorite celebrity are often disappointed with the results. A style and cut made for a square face may not complement a triangular face. But did you know the same face shape principal goes for hair color placement? Learn the ideal color placements for different face shapes so you can put your best face and hair forward.

The Triangle Shaped or Pear Shaped Face
People with this face shape have a tapered or narrow forehead with a strong, broad jawline. A true triangle shaped face has a square jawline. If your jawline is rounded then your face is more pear-shaped.
  • Color Tips: Since the forehead is narrow, this is the ideal area to lighten or highlight the hair. Go darker as you reach the ears on down to soften the jawline.
  • Celebrity Triangle Faces: Minnie Driver, Kathy Ireland and Queen Latifah

Square Face Shape
The square-shaped face is almost even in width and length; sometimes the length can be around a third longer than the width. Chances are you probably have a square hairline and jawline. Your chin can be almost non-existent, meaning it blends in with your jawline or it can be slightly pointed.
  • Color Tips: Use a darker color or lowlights around the forehead, temple and jawline.
  • Celebrity Square Faces: Maria Menounos, Cate Blanchett and Taraji P Henson

Inverted Triangle Face Shapes
Your face is slightly longer than it is wide but may appear longer than what it is. Your forehead and cheekbones are your widest parts and you tend to have high cheekbones. The jawline is long and tapers to a pointed chin. This face is also called heart-shaped when you have a widow's peak hairline.
  • Color Tips: Use a darker hair color at the forehead, temples and cheekbones. Use lighter color or highlights from the bottom of the ears on down.
  • Celebrity Hearts: Jayma Mays, Dianna Agron and Kerry Washington

The Circle-Shaped or Round Face
Perhaps the simplest face shape, your faces width and length are almost equal. You have soft, full rounded cheekbones and jawline with a slight chin. Your forehead may also be round.
  • Color Tips: Since the roundness of your face may make it appear short, lighten at the top of the forehead to add length to your face. To sharpen the roundness of your cheeks and jawline darken hair at these areas.
  • Celebrity Round Faces: Kirsten Dunst, Emma Stone, Selena Gomez

Just as the right haircut and style can flatter, accentuate and camouflage your face, so can hair color. These are only four of the six basic face shapes, to find out more about color placement for Oval and Oblong or rectangular faces check out Modern Salon online for professional tips on how to best use color for these face types. If you are not sure what your face shape is, the Style Makeover Headquarters provides a handy flowchart to help you determine this. So ladies and gents, the next time you color your hair remember to consider your face shape.

Image Credit: Victoria's Secret

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