10 Fashion Items Every Man and Woman Should Own

Who doesn't love a good sale? I know I do. While I try to get most of my clothing on clearance, there are some items I will spend my money on whether they are on sale or not. These fashion items are wardrobe lifesavers and are often needed in a pinch. Check out 10 fashion items that are worth your dollar.

Women Will Do Well to Invest in These Fashion Staples

  • The Cardigan: A warm, cardigan made from a wool or cotton blend in a sturdy knit will help you out in a pinch on cold days or in a cold office. Keep one in your car or in your desk drawer for easy access.
  • Long, Silk Scarf: A long, silk scarf can transform your look instantly. It can become a stylish head wrap, draped across the shoulders to dress up an outfit and can also be worn as a belt. Such versatility is never a waste of money.
  • Stud Earrings: Earrings are the one piece of jewelry every woman should own. The most versatile earrings that will subtly enhance the look of any woman are stud earrings. Whether they be pearl, bead, precious jewels or faux jewels, studs will add the finishing touch to any look.

Fashion Items a Man Should Have

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  • Selvedge Jeans: These are the most sturdy pair jeans a man can own. These jeans are made with an already finished edge, which means they are hard to fray and unravel at the cuff. They cost more than the average jean but they are worth the price as they will last you a long time.
  • A Three-Piece Suit: By this I mean lined jacket, lined vest, and lined trousers that are cuffed. Purchase one made from either a wool or cotton blend. This suit can be used for those moments when you need to dress to impress. Make sure to always have this suit professionally dry cleaned and pressed.
  • Navy Silk Tie: I specifically say navy silk tie because navy is a neutral color that works with almost any color of tailored suit. Silk, since you should not wear a cheap tie with a tailored suit. Fellas, people can tell.

Men and Women Should Always Have These in Your Wardrobe

  • Black Trousers: In a business casual office or any place where you need to upgrade from jeans, a pair of black trousers will never leave you out of place. Choose a pair that is transitional so you can wear them year-round.
  • White Dress Shirt: Just like the black trouser, the white dress shirt is a staple that needs to be hanging in every man and woman's closet. The white dress shirt works well with a suit or as a standalone with black trousers or jeans. Look for one that breathes like a cotton or cotton/polyester blend. Make sure the weave is tight as it is less likely to tear.
  • Trench Coat: A good trench coat in a neutral color will keep you looking stylish and dry no matter what you wear underneath. It helps to wear one especially if you are in a fine suit.
  • Standard Pants Belt: I am not talking about the trendy chain or wide belts but the ones that will slide under the belt loops of any pair of pants. If you wear your shirt tucked in, a belt helps to make your look more polished. Belts are also good if you happen to be between sizes because of weight loss.

These 10 fashion items are worth your dollar to own. You will not go wrong with any of these items and they will last you a long time making the price a non issue in the long-run. Check your closets ladies and gents and if you are missing any of these items. If so, it may be time to do a little shopping.

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Image Credit: Banana Republic 2012
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