X Means Bigger and Better Lashes

Ever notice that when makeup brands try to convince us their product is bigger and better than the rest, they give it a name with a big ole X in it? I see this most often used when it comes to mascara. When a mascara is supposed to make your lashes look longer, fuller, voluminous or like you are false eyelashes, X often marks the spot in the name.

Why is X So Special?

This letter indicates that there is more added. When X is used in a name, the word extra is implied. We think this product is "extra special, extraordinary, or it can cause an extreme change. Sometimes it can be the use of the letter alone as in X-tra or X-treme for a bold visual impact. More often, it is the sound of X that makes the biggest impact. Take a look at a couple of drugstore brands that really make use of the "X effect".

Voluminous Lashes Need that X-Factor

I would say that no cosmetic company has been able to capitalize on the capital X more than Maybelline. My goodness! They started out with Volum' Express and then turned it into a line of mascaras. Now that "X-Factor" is plastered on at least 21 mascaras from the brand.

Long, Luxurious Lashes Get EXciting

L'Oreal is almost as bad as Maybelline with the explosion of X or Ex to market mascara. While Maybelline uses it primarily for volume, L'Oreal makes use of it for both lengthening and volumizing formulas. They make use of Exceptional words like extra-volume, extension, double-extend, and excess.

So the next time you see a mascara using X or Ex in its name and you get pumped to go out and buy it take a minute and stop. Then remove X or Ex from the name and see if your enthusiasm for the new product remains the same. Chances are the name may sound exactly like a lot of other mascaras out there or closer to one you already own.

Main Image Credit Gabriela Pinto via Flickr

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