Underwear You Wear Under What You Wear

Today's post is about underwear. No, not the underwear that is worn as if it is a part of your ensemble. I am talking about the underwear that is worn under your clothes and stays under your clothing.

Cotton and Cotton/Polyester Blends

Ahh! Those comfy cotton undies that keep you feeling just a little bit cooler and drier when the weather gets hot. I know wearing the silky satins is sexy but they are not very good for temperatures that cause the body to perspire. When you are out and about -- either for work or running errands in warm weather -- stick with cotton undies. I beg you; you will be much comfortable for it. Just in case you think cotton undies can't be cute check out Hanes Women's Bikini with ComfortSoft® Waistband and No Panty Linescotton underwear.

Satin, Nylon, and Silky Blends

These are used in most of the sexy lingerie seen. Satin weaves, made from nylon or polyester, having a silky texture. The problem is they don't breathe to well. Save these for when you can be scandalously sexy, in the bedroom. When the weather is warm, these sexy numbers will not wick away perspiration like the cotton ones will. Therefore, they are best worn when you can keep the temperature cool. Now once fall rolls around these sexy, little things can be taken out for stroll on the street under your clothing. For sexy underwear that is safe to wear under your clothing but will still give your lover a thrill when you undress try Victoria's Secret Very Sexy 2014 collection.

Just wear the right underwear at the right time. No matter how sexy your underthings are, sweat stains take the sexy away. Remember the lingerie as clothing trend ended about three years ago, so keep them under your clothes for now.

Image Credits Not Hyperlinked: (Main) Enrica Magnolini/FABRICA for Benetton; Victoria’s Secret Inc.

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