Stylish Jumpsuits and Rompers for Spring 2014

The jumpsuit and romper are back as trends for spring 2014. They are given new life with a lively spring fashion color palette. This season, sleeveless, halter, and one-shoulder styles are trendy. While prints are always interesting, colorblock and solid colors are likely to prevail this spring.

For jumpsuits, look for solid brights and black/white combinations. Rompers, which by nature are a bit more playful, will have more prints and brights. Black and white unless it is a graphic print, will not be as trendy for rompers. Metallics, even in lighter colors are not as fashionable this spring. So if you plan on wearing a jumpsuit for an evening event, skip any metallic jumpsuits. Look for one in a solid color, probably in a halter style and accessorize with jewelry to embellish.

For an idea of the stylish jumpsuits and rompers available, check out the slideshow below. Remember these selections are a guide to different styles, as I always advise, shop for styles that fit your budget.

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