Quick Beauty Fixes

Items for Quick Beauty Fixes

We all have days when things don't go right with our hair, makeup, and skin. Things can start out bad or turn bad as the day goes on. When your beauty look goes wrong, you need a quick fix to make things right again.

Quick Hairstyle Fixes for the Office

When I worked in an office setting, I had days when I walked in with a killer hairstyle. Hair was bouncy, with flipped ends. Then by lunch, my flip dipped and the bounce left. So, I had to make a quick hairstyle change in the ladies room before returning to my desk after lunch. I like to keep bobby pins or barrettes on hand. Simply pulling my hair back and securing it at the nape with a barrette did the trick most days. For more hair fixes, check out Quick Hair Fixes at the Office.

Quick Makeup Fixes on the Go

There have been times when I have had literally a few minutes to get my face together. For example, when a male friend calls to say he is in the neighborhood and wants to stop by to see me before heading to his next destination. When I am in a crunch, I need to spruce up my look a little. That is when I use one or two makeup products to handle my beauty crisis.

Eyeshadow can be used effectively to enhance your look. A small eyeshadow palette is your best friend here. Choose a shade for you lid, a dark shade to line your eyes quickly, apply a blushy tone on your cheeks, and choose a earthy brown or golden tone to apply to your lips -- over lip moisturizer. You can also use lip-gloss or lipstick for a quick makeup application as well. Check out Lip Gloss Beauty to learn how.

Quick Afternoon Shine Buster

During lunch, you may notice some afternoon shine has escaped. Restaurant or break room napkins are there to the rescue. Press those babies into your skin to soak up the excess oil and reduce shine. A trick I learned from one of my Beauty Guru readers is that the brown napkins found at some fast food and coffee places like Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks (lighter brown on recycled paper) are superior to standard bleached napkins at absorbing oil and blotting out shine. So grab a few extra napkins the next time you make a purchase at one of these places!

What quick beauty fixes do you use? Please share, as I am quite sure someone could make use of them! Later lovelies!

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