Painted Ladies

Zhigan i prostitutka by B. Grigoriev (1917, priv. coll)

Ahhh, painted ladies! I am not referring to the butterflies or the multicolored Victorian and Edwardian homes. I am referring to those aristocrats, thespians, dancers, and yes, those "ladies of loose morals" who dared to wear makeup. There was a time when no self-respecting lady would wear makeup. Thank goodness, things have changed! 

In today's world if your face is not painted while out in public, you are often thought of as not caring about your appearance. In the business world, a conservatively made-up face is part of a polished, professional appearance for women. No longer is the painted face thought of as taboo or ridiculed by society. It is now celebrated and one of the reasons I earn an income.

What was once the norm, the un-painted face, is sometimes looked at with scorn today. I myself received backlash because I admitted to not wearing makeup on a regular basis. Since makeup enhances our looks so beautifully, some women take offense when other women dare to go bare in public.

My, how things have changed!

Of course, since wearing makeup is the norm, the term "painted ladies" no longer is used. If it were, that would mean most of the female population would be prostitutes. Yikes! Today, women can wear makeup whenever and wherever we choose without fear of being scorned. Isn't progress grand?

Image Credits: (Main) Public Domain [linked to source]; (Body) Victoria's Secret Inc.
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