Lovely, Luscious Lips

We all have a facial feature we feel is "our best" feature. For me, I feel my best feature are my lips. In fact, the lips are what I notice first about the opposite sex. So, I guess you can say that I love lips.

What's not to love about them? When taken care of they are soft. They play a huge role in a very enjoyable activity, kissing. And... They look lovely and luscious in lip color.

Maintaining Smooth and Soft Lips

Whether you are wearing the latest lipstick color trend or getting ready for a major kissing session with your lovey dovey, your lips should be smooth and soft. It is well known that to keep lips soft, they should be moisturized. That is why we apply lip balm or lip moisturizer to our lips throughout the day.

There are times when things work against the benefits lip balm has to offer and we end up with dry, cracked, or peeling puckers. That is when you need to exfoliate. Gently rub a mixture of brown sugar and olive oil into your lips to slough of dry, dead skin. Or, take a dollop of petroleum jelly and slather on your lips then rub them in a circular motion with a wet face cloth.

Get Pretty with Lip Color

If you like makeup, chances are lip color is your favorite makeup to wear. I am pretty sure there are more lip products in your makeup bag than any other makeup product. You probably can't wait to try the latest trends in lip color. Here are the hottest lip shades to try for spring 2014. Find the formula of lip color that works best for you.
  • Orange lips are back again.
  • Semi-matte red lips
  • Radiant orchid lips (any purple-tinged pink)
  • Lavender lips (mauve also works)
  • 14-Carat gold or darker lips 

Tips for an Alluring Pout 

Moisturize before applying color to lips
Match lip liner to lip color. You won't always get the exact shade but try to come close.
Layer lip color for staying power. Line, fill in with liner, apply one coat, blot, apply second coat, blot again. 

So lovelies, what is your favorite lip color to wear? Which of this season's trendy color are you looking forward to rocking?

Image Credit: Nordstrom Inc. (2012)
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