K.I.S.S. With 5-Minute Makeup Application

Being a freelance writer, I have the luxury of taking my time when it comes to makeup application. However, I didn't always have this luxury. Like many of you, I worked a "9-to-5" where I rushed in the mornings to get ready for work, so I could be at my desk on time. Working in an office setting, wearing makeup is part of creating a polished, professional image at work. Creating that polished image with your makeup should not have to take you more than five minutes each morning. Learn how to keep it simple sweetie (K.I.S.S.) with these 5-minute makeup application tips.

30-Second Base

Thank God, for tinted primers and those lettered creams -- you know BB, CC, DD... Aside from the skin benefits these creams have, most of them come in tinted formulas allowing them to be used as a foundation. Find a formula that offers you the skin benefits you need and that comes in shade matching your skin tone. I like Eclos HydraPrimer with natural sunscreen SPF 30 (I use from spring to early fall) and Julep DD Crème in Medium (I use from late fall to winter). They both do a good job of evening out my complexion so I don't need to use a concealer. It takes less than a minute to apply these creams to your face. I can do it in 30 seconds.

Three-Minute Eyes

For most workdays, your eye makeup does not need to be trendy. This is where a small eyeshadow palette comes in handy. You have an assortment of shades to choose from so you won't have the same look every day. Pick one to three eyeshadow shades to wear. I stick with two, one for the lid and another to highlight the brow bone. 

Unless you are very skilled with liquid eyeliner, stick with a pencil liner or use eyeshadow as your liner. With this, you can get creative; it takes about 30-seconds to apply liner. Tag on another 15-seconds if you want to smudge it for a smoky look or wing it for a cat-eye. Mascara application should take about a minute depending on how many coats you apply. Brows should be kept simple, just brush them in place and perhaps use a clear brow gel or petroleum jelly to slick them down and keep them in place.

Here is the breakdown:
  • Eyeshadow application: one minute
  • Eyeliner: 30-seconds
  • Mascara: one minute
  • Brows: 30-seconds

30-Second Lips

For your average workday, lip-gloss is your best bet. A sheer gloss is ideal. Application is quick and easy. Plus, if you drink throughout the day and especially after lunch, you can easily reapply the gloss without much fuss. There are longwearing formulas on the market which help to make your gloss last longer throughout the day. I like Avon's Glazewear lip-glosses, Maybelline Baby Lips, and Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment.

One-Minute Bronzer

I finish with bronzer. I apply bronzer to give me an overall glow and I use it as blush. I use a light hand with bronzer. It is best to use a bronzer palette so you can choose colors that will add a bit of depth. I swipe and blend the color into cheeks, then give a light swipe across my forehead, down my nose, and across my chin. In all, I spend about 45-seconds on my cheeks and the remaining 15-seconds on my T-zone.

Quick Tips

  • Getting ready for work is not the time to experiment with a new look.
  • Choose neutral colors to start with and then add more trendy shades after you've experimented with them.
  • Find makeup that multitasks to speed things up more.

If you are not very comfortable with makeup application, it may take you a little longer. The longer you do this, the faster you become. Also, you will learn how to use certain products in more than one way like lip-gloss and eyeshadow. Don't be afraid. Start practicing this weekend. You will find that your morning routine will become just a little less stressful. 

Image Credit: Nordstrom Inc.

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