Interesting, Intriguing, and Intense Spring Makeup Colors

The hottest colors for spring makeup posses the three I's. They are interesting, intriguing, and intense. They all may not be for everybody but I do believe there is at least one for everyone. 

Intense Radiant Orchid Lips

Radiant Orchid is the color of 2014. This purple, with a touch of pink, color is perfect for lipstick, lip gloss, and lip stains. Shades range from fuchsia to intense magenta.

Intriguing Gilded Cheeks

Gold blush is very hot and intriguing for spring. Of course, nobody naturally flushes in a golden hue. However, gilded cheeks can brighten up the face. It offers an intriguing depth to the face adding a sun kissed glow to any skin tone. 

Interesting White Eyes

White eyeshadow offers an interesting look for spring. The effect of it differs depending on your skin tone, which is what makes this makeup color trend interesting. On fair tones it can create nude, washed out look that works with the mod makeup trend of the season. On deeper tones, it offers a perky pop of color that can widen the eyes when applied to the lid or serve as a highlighter when a sheer white is applied to the brow bone. For darker skin tones, white serves as a bold bright that is best used as the stand-alone shade for the face to make the eyes the focal point.

Interesting, Intriguing, and Intense Pastel Nails

For nail color this spring, the hottest shades are pastels. Not the subdued, pretty pastels you are used to. Think of the bright pastels you would find in an assortment of pastel colored chalk. Bright lemon yellows, intense sky blues, and bold mint greens will look great on you this spring! 

So lovelies are ready to go for it? What will it be -- interesting, intriguing, or intense for spring? Maybe you are down to try all three for spring? Whatever you do, just have fun experimenting.

Main Image Credit: Nordstrom Inc.
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