Get Your Feet Open-Toe and Slingback Ready

Spring is here with summer hot on her heels. Therefore, you need to make sure that your heels are ready for the season's hottest shoes. Let's face it, no matter how hot your ensemble looks on you, when people's gaze lands on your feet and they see dry, crusty feet inside of a pair of strappy sandals it kills your entire look. So get your feet ready to be seen in some killer shoes this season.

Three Steps to Spring Worthy Feet

Your feet are not going to magically be pretty if you've neglected them all winter long. You will need to do some work to get them smooth, soft, and sandal worthy again. It takes three steps at night to get you there: Smooth, Soak, and Moisturize.

Smooth Out Those Rough Edges

If you just have dry feet that need a little TLC, then gentle exfoliation will do. A brown sugar scrub will do the trick for light smoothing. For heavier work, a foot file and emery smoother may be needed. The PedEgg Ultimate Foot File is great for removing calluses and dead skin. Plus, the emery pads help to smooth the bottoms of your feet after filing.

Soak Those Feet

After you smooth out the rough edges, pamper your feet with a nice warm soak. All of that filing will smooth the feet making them primed for softening. A warm, not hot, foot soak will get your feet soft and ready for moisturizer. Any foot soak will do. If you have achy feet as well, look for a soak that will offer pain relief.

Lock in that Moisture

After soaking your feet, pat them dry. Apply a moisturizing cream or lotion to your feet within three minutes of drying them off. After the moisturizer has absorbed into your skin apply petroleum jelly to your feet to lock in the moisture. Slip on a pair of socks so you don't slip or fall.

Maintain Your Lovely Feet

Every week pamper your feet with light exfoliation to maintain smoothness and a foot soak. Every night wash your feet, apply moisturizer and petroleum jelly to keep them soft. Keep this up year round for beautiful, smooth, and soft feet.

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