Everything's Coming Up Ombrè

Ombrè is a term that has been used in both fashion and beauty for many years. The gradient effect of this look is appealing. It adds style interest to clothing, makeup, even hair color.

What Exactly is Ombrè?

Ombrè is just a form of gradient shading in which color is graduated from light to dark. However, in modern times the word is used for any gradient color that goes from light to dark or from dark to light.

Ombrè in Fashion

The use of ombrè in fashion is nothing new. It is a way to spruce up a basic clothing shape making it look fashionable. It also helps designers set apart a trending design from others.

Ombrè in Beauty

Ombrè has made its most recent trending splash in beauty. As with fashion, ombrè has been used in hair and makeup for decades. It just wasn't called ombrè back then. The ombrè trend took off after 2010 with ombrè hair being the biggest thing. Ombrè hair typically showed dark brunette roots graduating to lighter, blonde ends. Some people do the reverse going from blonde roots to brunette ends. In makeup, ombrè has shown up in lip color and eye makeup as huge trends the past few seasons. Makeup companies made things easy with offerings such as the COVERGIRL Blast Flipstick Lipcolor, which made ombrè lips a little easier to create.

It looks like ombrè is here to stay. Not sure if it will always be called that but it will last in one form or another. I found a quick and easy ombrè eyeliner trick for you lovelies to try thanks to a set I found on Polyvore. If you try this out at home, comment and let us know how it worked out for you! 

Ombre Eyeliner

Main Image Credit: Victoria’s Secret Inc.

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