C is for Cleaning Up Your Look

Spring is here even if it does not quite feel like it yet where you live. That ritual of spring-cleaning we do for our homes and sometimes automobile's is something we seem to do without thought. However, another type of cleaning should be done as well. That is cleaning up our look by getting rid of the old fashion/beauty items we no longer wear/use and ridding ourselves of expired makeup.

Clean Up Your Wardrobe

  1. First, get rid of clothing you can no longer fit. This does not just mean clothes that are too small. If you recently lost weight, acknowledge that hard work and get rid of those clothes that are too big for you.
  2. Get rid of clothing that is faded and full of nubby pills. Pills are those little hard pieces of linty-looking nubs that appear on clothing that is worn down.
  3. Remove clothing that you have not worn within the last two years. Except for formal attire like cocktail dresses or gowns, every other piece of clothing should have been worn at least once over the last two years. If you have not worn those shorts in over two years, chances are you won't. Plus, you will not miss them (much).

Clean Up Your Styling Tools

  1. Physically clean your tools if you have not in a while. You do not want product buildup and bacteria gunking up and ruining your tools.
  2. Get rid of worn tools. If the coating on your flat iron is cracked, it's time to replace it because it is probably already starting to pull and break off your hair. Same goes for bobby pins, if that safety bubble at the end is worn off and the plastic coating is coming off replace those pins with new ones.

Clean Up Your Hair and Skin Care Products

  1. Replace old products. Things like natural oils have an expiration date and will turn rancid once old. If your creams are drying out then it is time to toss them. Check to make sure there are no foul odors coming from your products. If there are then toss them.
  2. Get rid products you have not used. There is a reason why, so either swap them if you can or toss them.
  3. Definitely get rid of products that you are allergic to. I know you do not want to see the money go to waste but you can't use the products anymore because you break out in a rash. Either find a friend who can use the products or toss them.

Clean Up Your Makeup

  1. Clean your makeup tools if you have not in a while.
  2. Replace tools that are breaking down. If your eyeshadow brush only has a few bristles left, toss it.
  3. Toss out expired makeup. If you are not sure when to toss your makeup, wait for blog post “E” this month. It will be about expired makeup.
  4. Get rid of unused makeup if its appearance has changed. Has your eyeshadow or blush looks dry and the cake is cracked? Maybe your nail polish has fully separated into color and whatever colorless goop that seems to rise to the top of the bottle? Sometimes you just have to take that loss.

I know it can be hard to get rid of a lot of this stuff. However, you need to. It will de-clutter your life. It will also keep you from getting a rash or infection from using rancid products. So get to cleaning up for a fashionably, beautiful start this spring!

Image Credit: Victoria’s Secret Inc. 

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