Become Vested in the Vest

Be Vested in Vests

Vests are one of my favorite articles of clothing. A vest can either dress up or dress down your look. So choosing the right one for the look you hope to create is crucial.

Tailored Vests

Tailored vests instantly upgrade everything from a business suit to casual fare. For the office, wear a suiting vest over trousers and a dress shirt in lieu of a suit jacket. The look will still be professional but a bit more stylish. There are tailored or structured vests that are not necessarily suiting vests but they have a similar structure and shape. They work the same way to enhance the look of an ensemble.

Casual Vests

There are casual vests to choose from as well. These vests are unstructured, often just a square shape and are made of casual fabrics like denim, chambray, and novelty prints. Such vests can help a casual look become a bit more laid back and it can downgrade a look that is more structured.

Jacket Vests

These vests come in both casual and tailored versions but they work closer in nature to tailored or structured vests. Jacket vests provide an upgrade to an ensemble as long as it matches the style level or is above it. Therefore, a suiting jacket vest will upgrade any look below a suit. While a sweater jacket vest could upgrade the look of casual slacks and jeans.

Depending on the look, you need to choose your vest wisely. I say it is good to invest in a tailored vest and a casual one. This way you have a vest for virtually any look you want to create.

Do you like vests? How many do you own?

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