Attention-Grabbing Waistlines

The appearance of a cinched waistline gives the illusion of a curvier figure. This doesn't mean you need to buy body shapers or a corset. Your clothing can make the illusion happen without putting you through any type of discomfort.

Divide the Torso

Not your actual torso but wear clothing that does this. Find dresses, jumpsuits, and long tunics that divide the torso at the natural waist with a waist seam. You can also buy skirts, shorts, and pants that sit at the natural waist and tuck your top inside of them to create this division. That natural division draws attention to the waist and makes it appear a bit smaller than your hips.

Banding and Belts

I've already discussed how belts can draw attention to the waist and help create a curvier silhouette. Banding does the same thing as well. Banding can be done by creating a seam an inch or more above and below the waist in a contrasting color. This can also be achieved via a horizontal print. 

Color Contouring

Placing a darker color around the waist can make it appear smaller. You can use a dark belt or select a garment that has a dark band of color circling the waist. You can also choose a garment that uses a darker contrasting color at the sides of the waist.

Peplums and Flares

Another way to visually cinch the waist is to add volume at the hip area and lower. The traditional peplum is an easy way to do this with almost any garment whether it is tops, pants, skirts, dresses, or jumpsuits. Flaring a garment out from the waist is another way designers can create the illusion of a smaller waistline.

So don't hurt yourself trying to make your waist look slimmer. Find clothing that does the job for you. You'll feel better for it. For more tips on clothing that help you look slimmer check out my article on Yahoo! Shine -- Slimming style secrets that help you look your best.

Image Credits: (Main)Macy’s Inc.; (Body) JCPenny; Land’s End; Macy’s Inc.

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