A Touch of Zeal

This is the final post for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge April 2014. While I enjoyed participating in this event, I am relieved it is over (Don't I look happy in the pic?). It can become quite difficult trying to create logical or even clever fashion and beauty blog posts for each letter of the alphabet. If you have been following along this month, you can tell I struggled with a few letters. I got through it and I feel a touch of zeal (see how I worked that in there?) for having finished. Yes, I will do it again next year if it continues. Now I am going to wrap this baby up with a look back at the other 25 letters blogged about this month:
A.    A is for Accessorize
B.    B is for Little Girl Blue
C.    C is for Cleaning Up Your Look
D.    Dreaming of Denim for Spring
E.    What are Extended Sizes?
F.    Get Your Feet Open-Toe and Slingback Ready
G.    Glorious Gowns
H.    Your Quick Guide for Hemlines
I.    Interesting, Intriguing, and Intense Spring Makeup Colors
J.    Stylish Jumpsuits and Rompers for Spring 2014
K.    K.I.S.S. With 5-Minute Makeup Application
L.    Lovely, Luscious Lips
M.    Makeup Junkie
N.    Nail Art is not for Me
O.    Everything's Coming Up Ombrè
P.    Painted Ladies
Q.    Quick Beauty Fixes
R.    A Word on Real Vs Synthetic Fibers
S.    Missing Stockings
T.    A Decade of Spring Fashion Trends
U.    Underwear You Wear Under What You Wear
V.    Become Vested in the Vest
W.    Attention-Grabbing Waistlines
X.    X Means Bigger and Better Lashes
Y.    YOLO Fantasy Purchases

... and of course today's final post for the challenge. I did not hyperlink these because if pull up the blog archives for April 2014 all of these posts will come up. Voila!

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