A Decade of Spring Fashion Trends

I started out the day wanting to blog about trends. As I wrote the post, I realized the post was evolving into something too big for this blog so I decided to send it to one my editors for pay. However, I still can't let go of the idea of trends. Therefore, you guys are getting a decade's worth of trends in one post! No, I am not naming every trend from each decade but a popular trend from each year.

  1. 2004 -- The Velour Track Suit.

  2. 2005 -- Gypsy Look.

  3. 2006 -- Skinny Jeans.

  4. 2007 -- The Minidress.

  5. 2008 -- The Shirtdress.

  6. 2009 -- The Safari Jacket.

  7. 2010 -- The Soft Blouse.

  8. 2011 -- The Little White Dress.

  9. 2012 -- Pink.

  10. 2013 -- Stripes.

Spring/summer 2014 isn't even half way finished so it is too early which trends will last throughout the season. Taking a look back at some of the dominant trends from the past 10 years, you probably notice some making an appearance this season as well. From the last 10 years what trend(s) were your favorites? It doesn't matter if it wasn’t mentioned here. Mine was the Boho Chic look that made appearances for a few springs over the last decade.

Main Image Credit: Macy’s Inc. 

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