Valentine's Day Beauty: Sultry Golden Makeup

When looking up romantic makeup I came across a look I found to be stunning. The model's face was highlighted with a golden sheen with pale, gilded taupe lips. The eyes smoldered. It looked like it might be a bit of challenge but I found the look easier to recreate than I thought. Here is how I did it.


I used a primer. Applied concealer to my dark undereye circles then followed with a mineral powder foundation that had a hint of shimmer to it.


To make my eyes smoky, I used a combination of dark brown, iced mocha, and black with gold flecks in it. I applied the iced mocha shade over my entire lid and over the brow bone. From lid to crease, I applied the dark brown shadow. I then took my eyeliner brush and lined my lower lashline. Next, I applied my golden black shadow over the brown. I blended the shadow to soften the edges. I applied one coat of black mascara to my upper and lower lashes. I used the same golden black shade on my brows.


Unfortunately, I do not have a gold blush. As a result, I used gold eyeshadow for blush. I like how gold blush looks so I will definitely need to buy some. If anyone has suggestions, please advise!


I have gold lipstick but it is a dark gold. For this look I needed a pale gold. I ended up using my Benefit Cosmetics Watt's Up highlighter on my lips.


For an all over glow a highlighter or luminizer is needed. Again, my trusty Watt's Up comes to the rescue. I swiped it down my nose, across my chin, across the tops of my cheeks and forehead. I just smoothed it out with my fingers for a softer glow.

This look took the most time out of the Valentine's Day looks I've tried. I spent 15 minutes on this look. I think it may go quicker the next time once I have a suitable blush. Overall, the look is not too intense but it is sexy. I don't recommend wearing this makeup with jeans. It deserves a sexy cocktail dress. Lol

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