Valentine’s Beauty: Easy Soft and Sexy Makeup in 10 Minutes

Okay lovelies, the countdown has begun to Valentine's Day. With it being a little more than a few days away it is about time you nail down a makeup look to go with that fab outfit. I already showed you all five romantic makeup looks to consider for Valentine's Day. In this post, I am going to show how to create a soft and sexy makeup look that is pretty quick and easy.


Moisturize your skin first. With the dry winter air, coupled with even drier indoor heating your skin -- yes even oily skin -- needs to be hydrated before any makeup is applied. For this look, I used my Eclos Hydraprimer, which is also tinted, for my base. Apply concealer and/or color corrector where you feel it is needed.


Apply primer to lid and let it sit for about 2 to 3 minutes. Find one smoky eyeshadow or fat eye crayon shade that is dark but not too intense. My skin tone is medium-deep or tan (if you need an actual color to go by) so I can go darker with my shades. I used an eye crayon in navy to create a smoky eye look. I lined my upper and lower lashline then filled in my eyes from lid to crease with the crayon. I then smudged the liner at my lower lids with a sponge tipped eye smudger and used my finger to smudge the crayon on my lid and into my crease, going slightly above the crease to fade the color out. Next, I applied a light blue shadow to my brow bone to highlight it.

Apply mascara or false eyelashes -- whichever you prefer. Groom your brows. You can choose to define them or just use a brow gel to lightly shape and tame them. I used a dark brown brow pencil to fill in my brows and I took my brow wand to soften the pencil and shape my brows.


Regardless of your skin tone, go rosy with cheek color for this look. Find the shade that creates medium flush to your cheeks. I chose a rosy brown shade from my bronzer kit. It mimics the flirty flush I get when I am feeling the first flutters of love. I lightly swept the blush over my cheekbones, across my forehead, one quick sweep down my nose, and across my chin.


Again rose or pink is the way to go. Lips should be flirty and soft. Use a medium to light shade of pink -- based upon your skin tone -- that is not bright. Try not to use a pink that is more than one shade darker than your natural lip color. Line lips and fill them in with a pink or nude liner. Apply your pink lipstick, blot, and reapply lipstick. Dot on lip-gloss over lips and then blend it in.


You can use a pressed powder, setting spray, loose powder to set your makeup. I prefer HD powder that gives my skin a soft glow. This step is optional, not all need it and not all like to add a final dusting of face powder.

This look took me 10 minutes because I took extra care with defining my brows and used HD powder to finish.

If this is a look you might want to wear on Valentine's Day, then start practicing so you can find the right shades to help you create the soft and sexy romantic look you want to wow your date with that night. If you try this look out let me know how it worked for you. Better yet, share a picture of your gorgeous face with us!

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