Style Crush Tuesday: My Top Five Natural Hairstyles of 2013

It's time for me to reveal my top five favorite natural hairstyles of 2013 and I’m using the SCT spot for this and other faves from 2013 this month. I know many magazines, blogs, and shows like to give their top lists of the year before the year ends. I never saw the point in that. Just like Beyonce came out with a surprise album that blew everything up AFTER the top lists of 2013 were published, I might try out a style on December 31st that could replace a contender. Unfortunately, my New Years Eve style didn't make the cut but these five did:


    Faux hawk created by braiding the sides and braiding the back. The top middle section was set in two-strand twists using Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Scrunching Gel. The twists were removed the next day for a wild and free look that rocked.


    Another faux hawk style where I took day 4 hair (curls that retain their shape and definition for four consecutive days), pinned up the sides, and left the middle free.

    A curly side swept look for a holiday party. Curls were roller set using Motions Curling Crème and satin-covered foal rollers. The next day I removed the rollers. I then smoothed and pinned up one side of my hair leaving the other side curly and free. 



    A wrapped style I wore on Black Friday. My hair was in a protective braided style that left a lot of my scalp exposed. So to keep my head warm but still remain stylish, I took a patterned scarf and wrapped it around my head. This has become a go to style for frigid nights and when my planned styles do not turn out as desired. 


    This last style happened by accident last month. I decided to give my hair a break from styling so I began to braid the sides and flat twist the middle. Turns out it made a decent looking hairstyle.

    There you have them, my top five fave hairstyles from 2013. What was your favorite hairstyle from 2013? Do you plan on wearing it again this year?

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