Style Crush Tuesday: Turtleneck Loving

This isn't exactly a style crush for me. It is a love affair. I've always adored turtleneck garments. As soon as the weather turns cool, I am ready to rock my turtleneck tops.

I've never seen a woman or man look bad in a turtleneck -- as long as they wore one that fit their measurements. For us ladies, we get the best deal when it comes to turtleneck garments. We are not just limited to tops and sweaters but turtleneck dresses are extremely attractive.

Personally, I prefer the standard turtleneck that allows you to turn down the collar just a bit. When the air gets a little too cold you can always turn it back up and cover your nose with it. I know some women do not like turtlenecks because they have short necks. That is when the mock turtleneck can save the fashion day. The mock turtleneck is perfect for those with short necks as it will not bunch up around the neck threatening to choke you.

Are you experiencing a little turtleneck loving this season? If not, maybe these turtlenecks will ignite that loving feeling:

Turtleneck Loving

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