Dressing for a Family Gathering

Thanksgiving has come and gone. If we were lucky, we got to go to bed that night with full bellies. If we were blessed, we got to spend a happy time breaking bread with family. When it comes to dressing for these holiday gatherings with the family you have to toe the line between being stylish and sexy.

No Grunge or Vixen at the Family Table

I have seen people post pictures of themselves at family gatherings dressed all sorts of ways. Some looked down right Huck-ish -- pre-Olivia -- and some looked like they were on the prowl. Just because you are around family does not mean style should be forsaken. Also, keep in mind that you are dressing for a family event so sexy, is not the way to go either.

The Dilemma of the Curvy Figure

For the curvy figure, many of the stylish looks we put together automatically ends up looking a bit sexy. That sometimes cannot be helped. However, you do not want to try to look sexy by wearing a push up bra that bares too much cleavage, skinny/tight pants, and definitely no short hemlines.

Be Sensible with Footwear and Makeup

Wear sensible shoes as well. While family will be there to catch you if you fall in a pair of stiletto heels, they will never let you live it down either. So don't give them any ammunition. Also, don't go glam, vampy, or ultra sexy with makeup. Sexy makeup can look just as out of place at the dinner table as your cleavage spilling out of your top.

My Family-Friendly Style

This Thanksgiving, I opted to wear fall neutrals in brown: a v-neck flared tunic that tied in the back, and a pair of wide-leg pants. I wore a pair of statement earrings, and a scarf around my head. Makeup is neutral with a bold plum lip. No vamping it up and I did not look grungy. I chose a modern look that was also family-friendly.

The styles you see below in my Polyvore set feature plus size clothing. However, the styles represented give every size an indication of stylish clothing that still works for family gatherings. You don't need to look frumpy or plain Jane. But you also don't need to be overly sexy, either.

Lovelies, were you dowdy, stylish, or vampy at the family table this past holiday?

Dressing for Family Get Togethers

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