Style Crush Tuesday: Military-Inspired Coats

I think I am on a coat kick since the temperatures have dropped to freezing in recent nights. Going outside without a sturdy coat on now means an attempt to catch your death of cold. While I have a sturdy coat, it is not very fashionable. Now I find myself in need of a more stylish coat to wear.

In my online searches, I have come across some gorgeous military-style coats. Not sure if my budget can afford the one(s) I want this season -- I might have to catch on an end-of-season sale. The great thing about these coats is that they are timeless and always look current even when they are not a fall/winter trend. 

Take a look at some vintage pea coats from the 60s and 70s (in conservative colors) and you will see that they can fit in with today's styles very easily. Don't believe military is where it is at? Just take a look at my military influences Polyvore style set, which I might add has become quite popular without me ever promoting it.

Military Influences

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