RE: Beauty Guru: 3 Quick Beauty Fixes that Save Me Every Time

I am such a bad Shine Beauty Guru! I seemed to have really pissed off a few readers with my last post because I do not wear makeup on a daily basis. This is true as of this year. I limited the amount if time I wear makeup to clients meetings (not very frequent), when I go out for a date or with friends, and of course I wear makeup when I do a makeup tutorial. As I have gotten older, my eczema comes more frequent. I notice it comes more often when I wear makeup. So, I decide not to wear makeup unless I felt it is necessary. It is a change I made this year and I am happy with the results. My skin has fewer flare-ups and I am happy about that.

Another major complaint from my readers was one of the quick fixes I use. I wear lip gloss on my cheeks and eyes when in a pinch for some color. Since I do not wear makeup for simple errands or when I am home working, I use this trick that I learned from my mother, to add color and depth to my face. I do not do this often because it can cause breakouts. When I have needed to use this trick, it saves me from looking washed out. Readers cannot quite wrap their minds around this trick I use. I cannot blame them. I probably would think this is one crazy tip that I am not going to try. However, I think the main thing is they just have not seen, or perhaps do not realize that they have seen someone made up with only lip gloss or lipstick. Here is a quick How To on lip gloss beauty.

Another tip was the flat twist hairstyle I wear. With limited space there is no room to give a full on tutorial for this one. I gave a quick reference that it is similar to a French braid but instead of braiding the hair, you are twisting it. If you are not familiar with braiding or twisting then this is a hairstyle that would be hard for you to comprehend. Here is a YouTube video showing you how to flat twist hair.

I appreciate comments on my article even the negative ones. Although my mother read a few and she was not too happy. I had to let her know it comes with the territory. I do have address one tiny personal attack left in a comment. My trick of using a little lip gloss to make myself more presentable is not vanity. I look washed out without makeup. For my daily routine with work and errands, this is OK. If I am meeting someone on the fly, then I need a little depth and lip gloss and lipstick give me that added depth and color. Don't believe me then check my bare, washed out looking face right here:

Rather blah looking. Like I said, it is "OK" for sitting behind the computer working and going to the grocery store. I would not go to a restaurant for lunch or meet a cute guy with my face bare like this.
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