My #AllNaturalStyleSecrets for Makeup Make for an Easy Summer to Fall Transition

Slightly dewy with the help of Seventh Generation Serum
During the summer I tend to go natural where my face is concerned. Sometimes I even skip mascara during the daytime! It is so liberating to let your natural beauty shine which is the best of #AllNaturalStyleSecrets! I am also glad that I can continue this natural trend into fall because the fresh-face is a top beauty trend for the season.

A Natural Transition Thanks to Fall’s Fresh Face Trend

As I transition into fall, I am excited to know that the fresh, "bare" face is in vogue. This means I can still get away with being "natural" at least up to mid-fall. During the day, I will continue to go baseless and rock a dewy finish with the help of Seventh Generation Skin Serum** to moisturize and wearing my Eclos tinted primer with SPF 30. The combination gives me a sheen without being shiny. I still carry blotting papers for a quick dab when I notice the sheen glistening too much. As the air becomes cooler and drier, I am thinking of adding liquid foundation back into the mix to help me achieve a natural, dewy look since I won't be able to rely on the humidity to help my natural shine (oiliness) to come through. I think keeping it dewy up to mid-fall is a good summer to fall transitional look that is easy to achieve providing the temperatures do not drop too low, too early.

Transitioning My Earthy Summer Palette to Fall’s Neutral One

My transitional fresh face
The best part of the fresh face look for fall is that pretty much the same “natural” colors from your earthy summer palette are found in fall’s neutral palette as well. Those warm chocolates, tans, taupes, and soft grays are perfect for eyes and lips from early to mid-fall. I can also add some metallic gold if I want a bit of drama. For my skin tone, golden colors actually look very natural on me. In the picture for my Beauty Guru post, I wore a metallic gold gel eyeshadow that was subtle but reflected the light well giving me a bit of a glow.

During the summer, I did rock some color on my cheeks because I used bronzer most of the time. One of my #AllNaturalStyleSecrets for Transitioning into fall, is to leave cheeks bare and just let my natural blush come through. For lips, look towards beige, nude (fairer tones), soft pinks, and brownish pinks in creamy or sheer formulas. You can go light, medium, or dark with these neutral shades. The fall lipstick I purchased from e.l.f, Fantasy, is a deep brownish pink that looks natural on me. This led me to switch from glosses to creamy lipsticks going into fall. They look more natural on me and complement the fresh face for fall a bit better.

An Easy Switch

There are more beauty trends for fall. However, when it comes to transitioning from summer to fall, taking on fall's fresh face trend is the easiest transition to make. When transitioning, make the switch from tinted moisturizers and primers to foundation. Begin using any bright eye shadow colors less and stick to earthy, neutral tones for eyes. Start switching out your summer lip glosses for sheer and creamy lipsticks in the same nude/neutral shades you are currently rocking. These changes are simple to make and will give you a seamless transition from summer to fall this year.

While I am transitioning with the "natural" fresh face trend here is table of current trends from spring/summer that transition easily into fall:

Nearly Naked/Nude Face=Fresh Face
Cat Eye=Cat Eye
Coral/Orange Lip=Red/Wine Lip
Gilded Metallic Eyeshadow=Metallic/Glittery Eyeshadow
Blue or White Eyeliner =Pastel Eyeliner
Golden Bronze Glow=Dewy Glow

**I received a free sample of this product from Lucky and Seventh Generation for use in connection with this blog.

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