Volupties Panty Subscription is New Service for Plus-Sizes

Courtesy of Volupties

Hey lovelies! You all know or should know that I am a plus size woman. As such when I do clothing reviews, it will most likely be for plus-size items. {Sorry my smaller-sized lovelies :( } This time I was contacted by a new company called Volupties. What Volupties sells is plus-size panties. Not just any ole cotton briefs but the sexy, lacy kind that make the men who love our body type swoon! I was given three pairs of their sexy underwear to try out. Because I am going into great detail I am breaking this review up into two parts. Here goes part one for you lovelies!

The Low-Down on Volupties

Volupties is a subscription service like Julep Maven and Birchbox. What you do is subscribe to monthly panty package based upon your size -- up to 3XL/3X. Base price is $17.00 a month and you get three pairs. Sizing may differ between pairs of undies because they come from different manufacturers. Some may run a bit smaller and other may run a larger.

For my readers you can get a $5.00 discount for your first shipment by using the coupon code: VOLUPTIES (use all caps).

Review Criteria.

I don't think the owners realized that I am fashion designer and I know how garments are supposed to be constructed. This is one area that I am the most picky about. It also is the area many garments get the least favorable review from me. The criteria I am basing my review upon are:
  1. Construction (includes Durability and Stretch)
  2. Fit
  3. Aesthetics

A company called Hips and Curves made all three pairs I received. This company specializes in plus-sizes so when it comes to fit I will expect more. I will get to the nitty gritty in part two!
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