Volupties Not for My Body Type But Could Be for Yours

In part one of my Volupties review, I introduced the brand and gave you the run down on how I will review the products. Now it is time to get down to business and give my thoughts on Volupties. Ready! Set! Go!


The panties were quite attractive looking. There was a pair of black lace boy shorts, hot pink lace and nylon thong, and a pair of black pink heart panties. My favorite in appearance are the black with pink heart dots pair. All three look sexy. I needed to get a man's opinion as well so I asked my friend which pair he thought was the sexiest. He was fond of the same pair I liked. No, I did not let him know I liked them beforehand.

Appearance Rating: 5 out 5 stars


The fabric is thin and breathable which is a plus. The lace is a bit too course for my liking. Stitching leaves something to be desired. The two lace pair featured pretty solid stitching. The stretch was considerable which is good, especially if you have thick thighs (something apparel manufacturers fail to take into consideration *hint, hint*). The black and pink heart dot panty was very stretchy and the fabric was comfortable and cool against my skin. However, this pair failed when it came to the stitching of the lace edging. A single 10 SPI (stitch per inch) zigzag stitch was not adequate to handle the amount stretch the fabric had. Either a 10 SPI zigzag with a 10 SPI straight stitch underneath or a double zigzag at 12 SPI should have been used to secure the lace edging better.

The garments withstood a washing. When it comes to lingerie items, they should be hand washed and hung dry. However, the average person does not do this they will throw it in the washing machine with some Woolite and use the gentle cycle with cold water. This is what I did and hung dry them. The underwear held up nicely with no color fading or shrinkage. Another issue I had was crotch length. Standard plus-size underwear tends to have a longer crotch. While the smaller crotch length was not an issue for the boy shorts and heart dot panties, I knew it would be an issue for the thong.

Construction rating: 3 out of 5 stars


Here is the thing I want my plus-size lovelies to take into consideration. Not all garments flatter all body types. So if you have a body type similar to my own then you may run into the same issues. With that said my body type is an extreme pear (more than a 10-inch difference between hip ad waist measurements), I have a big booty, large hips, and I have a large gut still. Styles that do not flatter my body well and do not feel good to wear are those that are not meant to come up to my waist. Unfortunately, all three pairs were made to rise up to the tip edge of the hip never reaching the waist. For my body type this means, the panties will come under my stomach and will not cover all of my big booty. The not covering my booty enough is an issue I have. If you have large belly, then the underwear not coming over it will be an issue because with the lace, this can cause some serious chaffing issues. I was not comfortable in them.

Here is why I made a big deal about crotch length in the construction section. A short crotch makes for an uncomfortable thong. The thong will ease into the vajayjay and crack which is not pleasant. A long enough crotch would only see the thong part easing into the back where it belongs.

Fit: 2.5 out of 5 stars

If you have my body type, you will need panties that have a longer crotch and are not cut so low. If your body type has a flatter belly then the low-rise cut won't be an issue for you. The three pair I received was ideal for plus-size figures like Denise Bidot, Ashley Graham, and Ivory May.

Overall Volupties gets a 3.5 out of 5 stars from me. This is due mainly to the fit for my body type. Lovelies, if your body type is smaller than my own with a flatter stomach I am pretty sure the fit will be much better. My body type (not referring to size) is not ideal for the cut of these panties. If you want to give Volupties a try, I still say go for it if you can handle wearing low rise panties, make sure you enter in the coupon code: VOLUPTIES at check out.

Sorry Volupties, but at the present time you have nothing to offer me in the panty department. I may try you out again once I reach my weight loss goal because my stomach will be flatter making wearing low-rise panties a bit more comfortable for me.

Lovelies if you decide to try Volupties give a shout out on this post and let everyone know what you think of the service and products.

Later lovelies!
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