One Week Check-In: Eclos Dare to Go Bare Challenge

This is a quick post lovelies. I am doing a one week check-in. This is no required for the challenge but this is something I am doing for my readers. Last Tuesday I began the Eclos Dare to Go Bare 2-Week Challenge. I have washed my face with the Skin Prep Cleanser and moisturized with the Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream both day and night. I only use the primer when I go outside since it is the sun protection of the line.

So far the redness and scaliness is gone from my brief (Thank you God) eczema flare up. No adverse reactions to the products, which is a huge plus. I have sensitive skin so I am always happy when a new product does not wreck havoc with it. I can't say too much so I will let you guys be the judge of it by looking at my picture on Instagram and the one in this post. I will divulge that I kinda wish the eye cream was included because I would love to see what it could do with my dark circles because I don't get a good night's sleep very often and it shows.

I will be back with my full review next Tuesday after the 2-week challenge has ended.

See ya later lovelies!

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