My Eclos DARE TO GO BARE 2-Week Challenge Starts Today!

So if you read my most recent Yahoo!Shine Beauty Guru post, Beauty Guru: Money-Saving Tips for Your Beauty Stash, I talk about the different ways I save money on the beauty products I currently have in my stash. One of those ways I save is getting to try out free beauty products via Klout Perks. It is because of Klout Perks that I am in the Eclos DARE TO GO BARE 2-Week challenge.

Yesterday, I received my Eclos shipment from Klout Perks containing:
  • Skin Prep Cleanser
  • Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream
  • Daily HydraPrimer SPF 30

The instructions for the challenge were to take a “before” picture of my face prior to using the products. For the next two weeks, I will wash day and night with the Skin Prep Cleanser, moisturize day and night with the Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream, and during the day I will wear the Daily HydrPrimer with SPF30. Then after the two-weeks finish, I take an “after” picture. I shared my “before” picture last night on Instagram so you can check out the mess my skin is in right now.

As you can see, my skin does need some help. Hormones did a number on my skin at the beginning of the month due to my cycle. I have blotchiness, some new acne scaring, and a minor eczema flare-up to deal with. I think Eclos has its work cut out for it these next two weeks to improve this mess.

So lovelies, I will post any changes I see during this Eclos challenge whether they be good or bad. I hope that the results will be good.

Catch ya later lovelies!
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