The Low Down on My Hiatus

Hey lovelies, long time not post, I know. :( 

Sorry about that. I have been hard at work at work, planning my first vacation in over five years, and trying to kick my butt into shape. So here is the low down:


  • Began doing more private client work and selling individual articles. This is a huge time commitment but if I want to make money I have to put in the work.
  • Also sending out pitches to places I have dreamed of writing for. 
  • Last, taking on new clients in slightly different niches than I am used to. But I am familiar with the subject matter so I know I can do the work.

My Vacation

It was just a mini vacay for my 36th birthday. [Shut the front door! Time sneaks up on you really fast!] I went to Atlantic City, New Jersey for a few days to unwind and have some fun with friends. I wrote a review of my stay at Showboat and gave a quick list of five things I enjoyed at AC.

Weight Loss

This plus-size lady is working on dropping the pounds and some dress sizes. For those who don't know, I started out as a size 6x/7x  for bottoms and 4x for tops. I call myself an extreme pear. So far I am down to a 5x and they are feeling a bit loose in the waist and hip, but my legs are taking their sweet time slimming down. So I may be in the 5x for longer than anticipated. Tops I am at a 3x but can wear a few 2x knit tops.

My favorite exercise by far are squats. If you haven't tried it yet,  I suggest trying the 30-day squat challenge. It really changes your body. My belly (at my size it is a belly not a stomach) has lifted and is a bit flatter. My but has lifted as well, along with the drink tray on top now only able to serve two drinks instead of four (some of you will get that).

I do have some blog posts in the works for you. Be on the look out for:
  • A Beauty Review
  • Natural Curly Hair How-To
  • (gasp) A guide inspired by my weight loss progression.

There will be more to come.

Catch you later, lovelies!

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