Julep DD Creme Review

Earlier this month I received Julep's DD Crème (shade: Medium) in my June Maven Box. What is DD crème/cream? Since Julep is the first DD cream to hit the states, they have tagged it the "Dynamic do-all". Essentially, it seems to be a tinted BB cream that has anti-aging benefits with SPF 25.

I've never used BB creams or CC creams because the primers I use seem to have the same benefits of these. To be honest, if this DD cream did not come with my June Julep Maven box I probably would never try it. Just being honest here. Unlike many tinted moisturizers and BB/CC creams, you apply Julep's DD cream as you would a liquid foundation, by using a foundation brush, for best results. Application is easy and pretty quick if you are used to using a foundation brush.

Now for the results...

Initially, my face had a demi-matte finish. My pores looked more refined and the coverage was on par with a standard liquid foundation. Minor blemishes and scars were blurred. So far not bad.

I continued with my makeup application (eyeshadow primer, eyeshadow, blush, and lip color). A couple of hours go by and I take a look in the mirror. My pores have taken over. My face is very shiny, pores are no longer refined, and the oil production caused my eyeshadow to crease. This I did not like at all.

For me, I will not buy this product for three reasons:

  1. It contains chemical absorbers for its SPF protection. I can’t use sunscreen with chemical absorbers because of photoallergies.
  2. It wears like a liquid foundation and I don't particularly like liquid foundations because even the light ones are too heavy for me.
  3. It does not prime the way I need it to, which is to control oil and shine while refining my pores.

While I am not satisfied with the product, I will go back to wearing it during the winter when I need something heavier. Right now, for warm weather Julep DD crème does not provide any benefit for my sensitive, combination skin.

Any Julep Mavens out there? How did you like the DD Crème? Did it work well for your skin type?

Later lovelies!
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