Today one of my favorite designers, Carolina Herrera presented her spring 2013 collection during Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. MB Fashion Week divulged that the inspiration for this collection was "Timeless Influence". While this phrase seems a bit odd -- at best very vague -- it becomes evident what Herrera meant by this term.

The timeless influence seen within this collection is all about structure and silhouette. Herrera's spring 2013 collection features classic garments with a modern feel. Button down shirt that are actually buttoned up to and at the collar, straight skirts that fit at the waist, shorts that fully cover the bottom, etc. These classic structures are paired with the hourglass silhouette. Virtually every ensemble features a defined waist that is cinched-in and allows the bottom half of the silhouette to softly curve outward. 

This is a timeless collection that will be relevant in your wardrobe beyond the spring 2013 season. If you ever wanted to invest in a few of Carolina Herrera's garments this would be the collection to invest in. This is a collection where it will be hard for one to make a fashion mistake with!

With timeless garments such as those in this collection, it is best to pair them with timeless beauty looks as well. Steer clear of bold colors except for a classic red lip. No futuristic or heavy kohl-rimmed eyes that are popular for many a women's website. The best look are natural ones making use of neutral or earth tones. Nails can be a little more colorful with pastel shades being your best bet. Your face should be as demurely feminine as the collection.

If you couldn't tell, I absolutely adore this spring 2013 collection from Carolina Herrera. As always you be the judge. View the full length video and let me know what you of this collection.

There is more fashion to be seen and written about. I will catch you later lovelies!

*embedding for full-length shows is disabled but click the Watch on YouTube link in the box to view the collection there*
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