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Mango Women's Print Short Jumpsuit $54.99

A few days ago I blogged about graphic prints. I mentioned how an all-over graphic print on pants is not a good look. I failed to mention how such pants often look like pajama bottoms. Ialso feel the need to clarify an exception. I said graphic print pants in an all-over print don't look good. However, shorts, jumpsuits and rompers can handle such prints. Don't ask me why, they seem to be able to take it.

Which brings me to an affordable and rather attractive jumpsuit and a trendy but slightly pricey romper that may not work for all, but can work for many. The black and white graphic print short jumpsuit to the left is stylish and works for many figures. If you need to break the print up wear a wide black or white belt to tone it down a little and add definition to your waist.

bebe Halter Print Romper $109.00
The other graphic print item I find quite attractive is the romper to the lower right. This is a very trendy-looking romper that is perfect for day and night. While I would not recommend this to wear in the office, it is perfect for days off and nights out on a date or a girl's night out.

What do you think lovelies? Are the graphic print jumpsuit and romper stylish enough alternatives to the graphic print pant?

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