Graphic Prints Heat Things Up as Summer Approaches

One of the major trends for spring/summer 2012 is prints. All categories of prints are on-trend for the season. However, at certain times some prints are trendier than others. As temperatures heat up and summer approaches, graphic prints become more en vogue.
Tiny, all-over graphic print on pants don't work at all
Graphic prints look great on tees, blouses, skirts, dresses and especially in swimwear -- specifically one-piece suits. However, you need to be conscious to not overdo it with graphic prints. One garment I don't think any print looks good on are pants. Let me be more specific a tiny, all over graphic print on pants is too much and does nothing for the figure. Add a touch of graphic print to one section or a few sections. Now mind you, this is just my personal preference when it comes to prints and pants. So if you are wearing a tiny, all over print on pants and ask me how do they look, expect the answer to be "Not good."

Graphic prints also look great on accessories. In fact, wearing a graphic print accessory adds more interest to your look than wearing an all over graphic printed garment. Pairing a graphic print with a solid color spices up the solid giving you a more fashion forward look. For example, many graphics are black/white or some form of grayscale This is because black and white are neutral and pair well with every color. If you are wearing a solid color dress or suit add a black and white graphic print clutch, shoe or scarf.

So take a style risk this season and grab a graphic print item. You just might like the way it looks on you! 

Later, lovelies!

Oh! I've been in a musical kind of mood lately, specifically George Michael. Since prints are sort of "funky" (can you tell where I am going with this yet?) I figured this video would be perfect! Enjoy!

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