Capris and Cropped Pants Are Spring Essentials for Work and Play

For those who work in an office setting, late spring and summer is when the dress code tends to relax a little for some companies. The professional dress code leans towards business casual and business casual dress codes begin to allow jeans on Fridays and weekends. While mini skirts and shorts are pretty much out of the question (at most businesses), the capri and cropped pant are acceptable.

Which is More Office Appropriate?

I know I said that both are appropriate for some companies, however, your height plays a huge part in this. If you are tall you will be hard-pressed to find a pair of capris made for women over 5'8". As a 6ft tall women myself, I couldn't wear capris at work. The reason for this is when you are tall those capris will fall higher up on your leg and they may become long  or Bermuda short length. Any type of short is not office-friendly.

Cropped pants are the safe option regardless of height. If you are tall cropped pants will fall around mid-calf -- capri length. Try not to wear a cuffed cropped pant or pair of capris or crops with side tabs.

Twill for the Work Week and Denim for the Weekend

Denim, especially color denim is hot again but may not be for the office. However, you can wear capri or cropped jeans that are not denim. A light- to medium weight twill jean in neutral and bold colors. The trick to pulling off jeans at work is to wear a tunic or long shirt with them. Make sure the shirt falls at least at mid hip covering standard jean details such as the fifth pocket, metal rivets etc.

Now for the weekend after work knock yourself out with denim capris and cropped pants. You don't have to wear a long top to cover up those classic jean details either. Another type of cropped pant that is good for after hours and the weekend are cropped leggings. Leggings are never office appropriate regardless of how many people try to make it so. Stay clear of the legging until happy hour and the weekends.

Spring Perfect Capris and Cropped Pants

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