Belts Enhance Your Figure and Wardrobe

I am a huge fan of belts. They keep your bottoms up and add a little interest to plain outfits. The best thing about the belt is that if used the right way, it can enhance your figure.

Perhaps the most dramatic figure enhancement belts create is the illusion of a curvier figure. If you have no waist definition -- meaning no inward curve at your waist -- then a belt in a contrasting, darker color can make it appear that you have smaller waist. When this happens, your hips automatically look curvier.

A belt can change the look of a loose-fitting top or dress. Say you have a loose-fitting/oversize top or dress. You love the color or print but it does nothing for your figure. A belt fastened, buckled or tied at the waist can cinch the oversize garment at your waist and give you a blouson-effect. This will literally change the style of your garment while giving your figure a boost.

Get creative too. If you don't have a belt -- though I can't fathom why a person (who is not destitute) would not have a belt -- You can use the following as a belt:
  • An extra long necklace
  • Rope 
  • Cord
  • Scarves
  • Plastic wrap (it can be done)
  • Paper clips
 I said get creative...

If you are not sure what type of belt you want to add to your wardrobe check out this gallery of spring belts for inspiration:

So lovelies, go out and get yourself one or two or three belts to enhance your wardrobe and your figure.
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