Look Great During Spring Break

Spring Break! The time of year  -- next to summer vacation -- that U.S. students look forward to. Resort towns and beaches will be filled to the brim with co-eds partying and having a good time. In fact, the entire month of March is just one big ole party! Ladies, besides the bikini, what else do you plan on wearing? More importantly...what will you do with your hair?
Swimsuit Prep
If you are hitting the beach for spring break I beg you to get your skin primed for swimsuit wearing. You don't want to be seen in your hot bathing suit with dull-looking, rough skin do you? Prep your skin by removing dead skin cells, restoring moisture to it, shaving (yes I went there) and protecting it with sunscreen.

Find Easy Hairstyles
You will be doing a lot during spring break from swimming, playing and mingling morning, noon and night. So you will need easy hairstyles that transition between all of the day's activities. Beachy waves during the day can easily turn into a slightly messy, but romantic chignon for evening. Just have two basic styles for spring break so you can spend less time on your hair and more time having fun!

Keep Makeup Simple
You don't want to wear a ton of makeup during spring break. It will be hot plus you'll probably sweat most of it off by late afternoon anyway. However, you don't have to go au naturale either. Choose a few makeup staples to wear so you can look your best without even trying.

Make Sure you Keep Skin Protected All Day Long
Contrary to popular belief, sunscreen and sunblock need to be reapplied throughout the day. The more active you are and the more you sweat will determine how frequently sun protection needs to be reapplied. There are plenty of sunscreen options for you to choose from, so there are no excuses!

Be Fashionable on Spring Break
This is the time to definitely try out the bright color trend of the season. The Ralph Lauren bikini featured at the top of this post is sexy and comes in a vibrant tangerine color. Be feminine and comfortable in an easy, breezy maxi dress. A stylish tote is just what is needed to carry your beach gear all day long. Don't forget comfortable yet trendy shoes.

My co-ed lovelies, have fun during spring break. Remember to drink responsibly and do not drive drunk. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Just be safe while you have a blast!

Later lovelies!

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