Knocking-Off Another Designer's Work Is Not the Way to Go

Snooki in Chicago crop As a fashion designer, it bothers me to my core when I see signature design features being knocked off. For those who do this and sell in flea markets, beauty shops, barber shops and all other places where the "hustle" carries on, I don't get too upset about it. These knock-offs are just about the quick buck and they are not trying to make a name for themselves in fashion. It's still unethical, but it is not such a slap in the face.

When someone, specifically a person who has become a celebrity or is in their 15-minutes of fame, starting a fashion line of any type by knocking-off a signature piece of another designer is very low brow. Yes, I am referring to Snooki's obvious knock-off of the late, Alexander McQueen's, four knuckle handle detail for his signature knuckle clutch. Snooki copied the signature design detail almost completely. With all of the criticism she received for this incident, perhaps Snooki has seen the error of her ways because the bag in question is not on  her website with the other handbags (thank goodness).

Take Note: 

To all who want to venture into fashion, you will not make a reputable name for yourself by knocking off the signature design details of another fashion designer. Just in case you are not sure what such a feature might be read: Designer signatures: The trademark clues designers leave on their creations .

Put the work in and create a signature feature that sets your work apart from other designers. It is worth the effort. Hopefully Snooki is realizing this and will put forth that effort in future designs.

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