Your 2012 Valentine's Day Guide

Valentine's Day is Tuesday, February 14th! Ladies, if your man has not gotten you anything, then subtly -- maybe not so subtly -- lead him to this blog post. You just may get a gift you'd like this year.

If jewelry is what you seek, steer him towards a few diamond and pearl pieces that look elegant and are not very expensive (under $150.00). If he really has no clue and is not about to venture to a jewelry store for anything then maybe a few last-minute gift ideas may help him and ultimately you out this Valentine's Day.

Hold up! He is not the only one who needs to get himself together before the day of romance arrives.

Ladies, you need to make sure you are presentable as well. Start off with making sure you attract him on all sensory levels. This includes making sure your fragrance of choice is layered just right to last through the night to tantalize his senses. Since it is still winter, make sure your skin is touchably soft and smooth. If you have a steady man in your life, then you probably already have your Valentine's Day outfit already selected. However, if a date from the hottie you've been eyeing has been offered for that night, then you may be in a pickle on finding the right Valentine's date outfit.

Hopefully these Valentine's Day Guide will come to the rescue for you and him this year:

What to wear on a last-minute Valentine's Day date
5 Last-minute Valentine's Gift Ideas for Her
Designer Valentine's Day Gifts for the Professional Woman
5 Valentine's Day outfit ideas

Have a safe, fun, sexy, romantic and happy Valentine's Day lovelies!

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