Michael Kors is "The Man" and Video Highlights from Days 6 and 7 at New York Fashion Week

"Who's the man with the fashion plan?" Michael Kors of course! Season after season he amazes me even when he designs looks that make me raise a quizzical brow or frown. I think what I like most about this fashion designer is that he is fun-loving and personable. He showed this side once again at New York Fashion Week Fall 2012.

Michael Kors made  the live streaming of his Fall 2012 collection a media event that not just welcomed those in attendance into his world but those of us who could not be there front and center. His bubbly personality is hard not to like and the enthusiasm he shows for his craft is endearing. He also gave us virtual attendees a treat by taking snapshots of looks we liked as they walked down the runway. We could then tweet or post these snapshots on Facebook to share with our friends and followers. Just for that Michael Kors rocked yesterday. Check out highlights from his Fall 2012 collection and be amazed. Check out the bodysuits! Although under a jacket, one of them looked like Candace was wearing booty shorts (don't shoot me!).

Side Note: Although, Michael or anyone from the Michael Kors camp, if you happen to read this, make sure that the auto-message you generate for the tweets displays the correct season because some people were confused by the tweets saying it was the spring/summer collection. Yikes!

Other highlights from Days 6 and 7 at New York Fashion Week I feel are worth including in this post are:

I need to make note of this for the Anna Sui Fall 2012 Collection. Well this probably pertains to just about all of her collections. Have you ever noticed that the models seem genuinely happy to walk her runway in her clothing? This is rare, as most catwalks feature straight or somber faced models. It is always refreshing to watch a Anna Sui show for this reason alone.

I hope you enjoyed watching these fashion highlights from New York Fashion Week Days 6 and 7. Later lovelies!

Image Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images 2012
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