Falguni and Shane Peacock's Beautiful Yet Awkward Fall 2012 Presentation At New York

Ever sit through a movie, presentation, play etc. and thought it was good or okay but something about it was awkward? That is how I felt watching Falguni and Shane Peacock's Fall 2012 collection on Day 4. The garments were aesthetically pleasing to me. A few quite lovely, quasi-futuristic looking dresses were seen. However, the way the designs were presented was rather awkward for me.

I don't know if you paid attention to my use of the word lovely when I described the dresses or not. If you paid attention you would notice I did not say they floated down the runway or glided down the catwalk, instead I said presented. I usually reserve this term -- presented -- for actual presentations in which the models are standing still on a platform or stage modeling the garments like mannequins. However, Falguni and Shane displayed their designs on a runway with models walking up and down it.

This is where the awkwardness comes into play. I am thinking these were "new" models not used to the runway. Most of them had awkward walks like the ones you see on America's Next Top Model before Miss J has his way with them. I honestly hate pointing out body types but I feel I must for this. Some of the models did not have the proper body type to display the garments in their best light. Now, I have seen models shaped like some of the ones at this show, however these model knew how to align their body to make the clothing look more attractive. One model in this show looked like a linebacker lumbering down the catwalk. Another walked so darn slow that her cadence affected the flow at which the models came out. It was truly not a good look for such creative designs.

Another thing that made the show awkward was the beauty. High ponytails with makeup that seemed like it belong on a new Star Trek series. It felt alien. Which lead to the feeling that I was watching some sort of Science Fiction B-Movie. Awkwardness aside the designs were creative and some were very attractive. I can see why a lot of singers and musicians flock to this line for semi-formal red carpet dresses.

Collection: A-
Presentation: F

I wish I had a clip of the entire show to share but MBFashionWeek on YouTube has a shortened version of the show that does show some of the awkwardness I referred to.

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