Donna Karan Once Again Proves That Ladies Can Be Sexy

Now reading the title of this post may seem kind of odd at first. We all know that females can be sexy. However, if this is how you understood the title then I have some 'splaining to do for you, Lucy.

On Day 5 of New York Fashion Week Donna showcased her signature collection. The Donna Karan signature line is all about being a independent, confident lady who is sexy as heck! Notice I used the word lady again. The reason for this that a lady is sophisticated, always poised, well-mannered, fashionable and feminine. She can be a proper miss but is sometimes mistaken for a prude. There is one aspect of being a lady that many forget, ladies are very sexy but never sleazy or trashy.

Now that you know a little bit of what a lady is, take a gander at Donna Karan's signature collection over the years. This line is all about dressing ladies in a manner that emphasizes her sophistication and sexiness whether it be in a business suit or evening gown. Donna Karan knows how to do this well.  She knows where to stop a hemline hike, she knows that the shoulders can be the sexiest, most seductive part on a woman and at times she may push the envelope by baring a bit of lower back, side waist or at showtime not using a modesty piece for a layered sheer top -- oh my. Overall, her signature collection is made to fit a woman's body and is for the modern-day lady.

In case you missed her Fall 2012 collection -- shame on you lovelies for doing so! -- check out the highlight footage:

If you haven't guessed it by now, Donna Karan Fall 2012 is my pick for best collection of Day 5.

Image Credit: Neilson Barnard/2012 Getty Images
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