The Forever Lazy Onesie is Taking American Comfort a Little Too Far

If comfort is what you seek then this PJ set from Victoria's Secret is a better option.
I received a hearty laugh this morning from a Facebook friend who shared a YouTube video of a commercial he and his wife saw the previous evening. The commercial is for an adult onesie called The Forever Lazy. Honestly, as a wintertime pajama garment, it does not seem like such a bad idea. However, this product is also trying to market itself as being appropriate and dare I say "cool" to be worn out in public. (still laughing at this one)

Honestly, I would have to take a picture of any mentally capable adult who goes out in public in a onesie. Better yet I may just have to grab them a pacifier while I'm at it. What really made me laugh watching the commercial were the "special features" of the Forever Lazy. Those annoying potty breaks are made easier with a front zip for the men and a zippered back flap for everyone! 

I am all for comfort. However, I think we are taking comfort a little too far with the adult onesie with back flap.

What do you guys think? 

If you are having a tough time walking the fine line between comfort and heading into the Forever Lazy territory then check this guide out: Shopping Guide to Clothing That is Both Stylish and Comfortable.

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