Fragrance Review: BODY from Burberry

Ahhh, lovelies! Can I tell you how much I simply adore free samples? Well a few days ago I received a free sample of Burberry's latest fragrance, Body, which debuted today, September 1, 2011. All I can say is that I found the replacement for my former second skin scent, Avon's Skin to Skin (I do miss you *sniff*), in Burberry's Body. As per the fragrance contains the tantalizing notes of:

  • Top notes of fresh green absinthe, illuminating peach and delicate freesia
  • Floral heart notes of natural rose absolute, iris and warm sandalwood
  • Base notes of woody cashmeran, creamy vanilla, amber and musk

    The combination of exotic notes seduce the senses, literally. It is a light, warm scent that smells like it just may be my natural scent. There are no overpowering artificial smelling tones to this perfume. Which even light scents like Kenzo's Flowers can't entirely escape from.

    When I first spritzed my wrist and touched pulse point to pulse point, I immediately caught the demure scent of peach and freesia. After wearing the scent for about 30 minutes the sandalwood and rose absolute notes began to peak through more and this is where some you lovelies may get into a bit of trouble (wink). Once Burberry Body mixed in with my own body heat it was like the perfume became a part of my essence with the base notes of amber and musk with a hint of vanilla lingering on my skin. When men came close enough to get a subtle whisper of the perfume they lingered for a few seconds. Of course they had not choice but to compliment me on my fragrance otherwise they would look like pervs.

    This is the seduction that Burberry Body creates. If by the reactions I received from the opposite are any indication Burberry Body has the same effect on some men as Issey Miyake has some women. I highly recommend going to your nearest department store cosmetic counter and test a spritz of Burberry Body for yourself. As always each person is different so  while Burberry Body may smell amazing on one woman, it may smell less appealing on another. So I do recommend testing the scent out first before dropping anywhere between $50 for the 85ml body oil and body milk to $115.00 for the intense concentrated 85ml EDP.

    Burberry got everything right with this new fragrance, including the promotional video for it, which conveys the sensuality of Body. I highly recommend this fragrance IF it works with your body chemistry (please don't buy if it does not agree with you).

    Fans of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley will be happy to see the sexy siren clad in only Burberry's signature trench... Ooo la la!

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