What is Your Favorite Summer Trend of 2011?

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There were so many trends that came out last fall for spring/summer 2011 that is was hard for me to decide which one is my favorite. Overall, was the 70s theme for the season, then the bohemian chic look, dressing like a lady became fashionable again, earth tones and bright jewel tones are popular, white became the it (non-) color, the maxi dress is back en vogue and the midi hemline made a strong presence. For me I can't pick just one. Each trend has its strong points for me, however for certain aspects of fashion I do like some trends better than others.

I love the 70s inspiration when it comes to hair. I wear my hair natural. For those not in the know, for an African-American female "natural hair" means our hair is not chemically processed. It is the natural texture of the hair as it grows from our scalp. My natural hair is super kinky curly. It seems like I a bazillion corkscrew coils all over my head that are unruly and do their own thing. That is what 70s hair was all about allowing your hair to be free and do it's own thing. So needless to say I and my hair are loving this trend.

Spiegel Signature Stretch Silk Knit Collection:Long Pencil Skirt (Misses L ROYAL PURPLE)I like that the lady-like trend has returned. For personal reasons I wish this trend would become more popular within American culture. Dressing demurely does not mean you have to look prudish but it does make sure your assets are completely covered. The best part is those super short skirts that have plagued the runway for the past several seasons gave way to length slightly above the knee to ankle length. However, some of these looks are very sexy. Think a pencil skirt with side slit that hugs your curves... Now you get the picture?

I love the white trend for two garment types: jeans and dresses. I do think for summer white looks great, plus it is literally the coolest color you can wear to beat the heat. White is a sexy alternative to the LBD. White jeans look fantastic on almost every body type in my opinion. Plus white does look great against dark skin. Ever see a nicely tanned man or an ebony Adonis decked out in a white suit? 

Xoxo Juniors Printed Pleated Maxi Dress,Black,3I love the boho chic look which incorporates the maxi dress in it. I am a headband lover so I like being able to wear a scarf tied over my hair and not appear as if I am trying to cover up a messy head. I think the maxi dress is the only dress I will wear without a pair of leggings or jeans underneath. (We will revisit the dress and jeans thing at a later date)

There you have the trends that SJP loves for summer. What is your favorite trend of the season? If you are like me and more than one list them and share with us how you like to wear them. 
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